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CZ75-Auto | Chalice (Minimal Wear)
CZ75-Auto | Chalice (Minimal Wear)
CZ75-Auto | Chalice (Minimal Wear)

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
Restricted Pistol

Exterior: Minimal Wear

A fully automatic variant of the CZ75, the CZ75-Auto is the ideal short-term choice for turning the tables and gaining your opponents weapon. But with very little ammo in the magazine, strong trigger discipline is required. It has been painted with a chrome base coat and candied in transparent royal blue and amber anodized effect paint. You chose wisely

Delivery time: 5-15 Minutes
$ 38,15 buy CZ75-Auto | Chalice (Minimal Wear)

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8,7 Bought the game and received it in 5 minutens. Works like ...
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