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400 million C9 Gold
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C9 Gold


No matter if you play Continent of the Ninth Seal as a Fighter, Hunter, Shaman or Witchblade, and whatever your focus in playing C9 may be – one thing is always good to have: Gold. The currency of Continent of the Ninth Seal is needed to acquire outstanding equipment like weapons, armor and more, turning your character into a force to reckon with. To be able to afford such great equipment, you need a lot of C9 Gold.

Here at MMOGA you can buy C9 Gold at a favorable price. There is no easier way to become rich in Continent of the Ninth Seal! Buy C9 Gold now and equip your ingame character with amazing weapons, powerful armor and many other useful items that will make your battle against the hordes of evil easier.

After your C9 Gold order, our expert players will deliver the Gold to you as soon as possible. Delivery of C9 Gold is only possible by ingame mail, so keep checking your mailbox in Continent of the Ninth Seal. Buy C9 Gold at MMOGA!

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