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Dekaron is a free2play MMORPG created by the world's leading pure online games manufacturer Nexon, well-known for popular online games like Vindictus, Atlantica Online, Maple Story or War Rock. Dekaron is set in a medieval scenario, with the game world threatened by demons.

Seven different classes are available to players in Dekaron: Azure Knight, Segita Hunter, Incar Magician, Vicious Summoner, Segnale, Bagi Warrior and Aloken. If you want to discover the world of Dekaron as a warrior, mage or marksman, is all up to you. Besides an epic story about humans, gods and demons, Dekaron boasts with appealing graphics, more than 100 quests, and numerous pets, mounts and items of all sorts. Special game modes in Dekaron also offer guild battles, collective encounters with monsters and entertaining mixtures of PvE and PvP combat.

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