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Guild Wars 2 Key

Guild Wars 2 Key
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Guild Wars 2 Key


Buy Guild Wars 2 now!



Here at MMOGA, you can get your Guild Wars 2 Key. Use the key code to directly unlock the game. You will receive information about the download of the game client after your order.


Redeem your Guild Wars 2 Key here. This is an EU Key which can only be redeemed and activated within Europe.



Included: Bonus contents from the Guild Wars 2 Heroic Edition

  • Legacy armor
  • Mithril chest with 18 inventory slots
  • 10 experience boosts



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Product description


Developer ArenaNet is all but humble about creating Guild Wars 2, and simply dedicated to making the best MMORPG of all times. Guild Wars 2 provides a massive persistent online world and, just like the predecessor Guild Wars, charges no subscription fees. Players who buy Guild Wars 2 will be able to experience the whole MMO in all its glory.

The story of Guild Wars 2 is set 250 years after the events of Guild Wars, enabling new technologies to find their way into the world of Tyria, with firearms, technical gimmicks and even massive war machines among them. The occurrences of the prequel influenced the world's development to the point of time when Guild Wars 2 begins.

Besides the implementation of a human race which is quite typical for a game in the genre of fantasy MMOs, other playable races are available to be chosen for players' characters, some of which are already known from the original Guild Wars, while other races are completely new. For example, play as a warmongering Charr, towering Norn, small-sized Asura or plant-like Sylvari.

As for the classes in Guild Wars 2, developer ArenaNet also relies on a mixture of established and newly created elements. The eight classes in GW2, elementalist, warrior, ranger, necromancer, guardian, thief, engineer and mesmer, differ from each other quite significantly regarding skills, and playstyles, so you are able to play and enjoy Guild Wars 2 according to your personal preferences.

The very popular PvP part in MMOs, battles between players, is available to Guild Wars 2 players of all levels regardless of their own equipment. Equal odds for all participants are accomplished by making all characters in a PvP encounter equally powerful and making the same equipment available to all of them. Guild Wars 2 PvP is not about better equipment but indeed about the individual skills and personal strength (and weaknesses) of each player.

Plenty of innovations, spectacular graphics, dynamic events, the waiver of subscription fees, and the consequent advancement of many well-known components of the MMO genre could actually lead to ArenaNet staying true to their claims, making Guild Wars 2 the best MMORPG of all times, in which every single player is absolutely blown away from the first time they experience it!



System requirements


 Windows XP Service Pack 2 or newer

Intel Core 2 Duo processor 2.0 GHz, Core i3, AMD Athlon 64 X2 or better

Memory: 2 GB RAM
NVIDIA GeForce 7800, ATI Radeon X1800, Intel HD 3000 or better

25 GB free hard disk space

Broadband internet connection
Keyboard and mouse


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