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Geofri's Crest
Geofri's Crest
Geofri's Crest
Great Crown
Armour: (200 to 225)
Energy Shield: (59 to 67)
Requires Level 53, 59 Str, 59 Int+1 to Level of Gems in this item
(60 to 80)% increased Armour and Energy Shield
+(15 to 20)% to Fire Resistance
+(15 to 20)% to Cold Resistance
+(15 to 20)% to Lightning Resistance
+(20 to 30)% to Chaos Resistance
In the battle for honour, Geofri won.
Not so, the battle for survival.
Geofri's Crest.png
Delivery time: 1-12 hours
$ 2,75 buy Geofri's Crest