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Armadyl helmet
Armadyl helmet

The Armadyl helmet is a drop that can be obtained from the God Wars Dungeon that requires 70 Ranged and 70 Defence to wear. It, along with the Armadyl chestplate and Armadyl chainskirt , is part of the Armadyl armour set. The helmet has the third highest ranged attack bonus (beaten by Morrigan's coif and Pernix cowl. However, Morrigan's coif disintegrates after an hour of Combat, and the Pernix cowl lasts for 10 hours before it needs repair), and has decent defence bonuses, comparable to those of the Third age ranger coif and Karil's coif. This makes it the third best possible headpiece for archers and the best non-degradable headpiece for archers. The prayer bonus also makes it desirable for the Fight Caves activity. The Armadyl helmet is popular among players wishing to range Aviansies in the God Wars Dungeon, for some money and ranged experience.

With 60 Summoning (along with 70 Ranged and 70 Defence), players may have the helmet enchanted by Pikkupstix to give it the ability to store 120 Summoning scrolls. Once enchanted, the helmet will also turn white. Players may also have the helmet disenchanted at any time by speaking to Pikkupstix again.

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