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Gilded armour set (sk)
Gilded armour set (sk)

Gilded armour sets (sk) are made by exchanging a Gilded full helm, Gilded platebody, Gilded plateskirt, and Gilded kiteshield with a Grand Exchange clerk and is received from level 3 Clue scrolls, the probability of obtaining one is very slim. The set is purely to save space and for use in the Grand Exchange. Players can exchange the set with a Grand Exchange clerk to receive the items listed above.

Gilded rune armour has the same stats as normal rune armour, and thus it is mainly for show.

As this armour is rune with a gilded finish, all requirements to wear rune armour must be met in order to wear gilded armour. Thus, it does require Dragon slayer to equip it, along with 40 Defence.

This armour is mainly used by wealthy players, because its rune counterpart is about one-twentieth the price.

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