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Red hween mask
Red hween mask

Red h'ween masks are a discontinued holiday item dropped on 31 October 2002. This is the most expensive type of halloween mask, and was once more expensive than the Red partyhat. They provide no defence bonuses, and may only be obtained by trading with other players or the Grand Exchange.

Red halloween masks are characterised as the most "stable" of the 3 masks in terms of price fluctuation as blue and green masks are often stocked up by wealthier players and dumped near holidays to reset the price. This trend has been broken recently during the halloween of 2009 when the items did not reset to a lower value, while only crashing an average of 3-5mil gp. This is due to the increasing population of wealthy runescape players ( due to the new Player Killing system ) that allows players to earn a great amount of wealth in a shorter time span. Due to this new update, many players to 76k tricks or 26k tricks and get corrupt items and so the demand for holiday items has gone up because more players can afford it. Yet the supply of these rares are discontinued, meaning no longer in stock and so the prices do not fluctuate anymore and are relatively stable but possess an appealing trend of increase.

Red Halloween masks (since the price crash of Halloween 2009) have had an average daily increase of 300k in value.

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