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Vindictus, released in Europe in Autumn 2011, is an action-packed free-to-play fantasy MMO by Korean developer Nexon, playing in the same world as their MMO Mabinogi. In Asia, Vindictus is known as Mabinogi Heroes. Chronologically, Vindictus is set a few hundred years before the events of Mabinogi, during an era of war and unrest, and is divided into several episodes.

In Vindictus, players do not choose from different classes like in other MMOs, but decide for one of currently 3 available characters (in Europe): Fiona, a warrioress carrying blade and shield; Lann, a warrior who prefers combat with two weapons at once; and Evie, a sorceress who knows a good range of magic spells. More characters will very probably be added to Vindictus in the future.

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