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Lvl835 Holy Paladin Package (9)
Lvl835 Holy Paladin Package (9)

The following items are included in this package:


Aethrynn's Everwarm Chestplate (835)
Fists of Thane Kray-Tan (835)
Claud's War-Ravaged Boots (835)
Welded Hardskin Helmet (835)
Queen Yh'saerie's Pendant (835)
Cloak of Martayl Oceanstrider (835)
Vastly Oversized Ring (835)
Demar's Band of Amore (835)
Eyasu's Mulligan (835)
Delivery time: 1-24 hours
$ 80,34 buy Lvl835 Holy Paladin Package (9)

8,7 Great. Great.
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