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From revered to exalted - Gnomeregan


Necessary requirements for this product:


- Character at Level 80


Amount of time needed:


- 72 hours


$ 64,62 buy From revered to exalted - Gnomeregan



Gnomeregan was the capital city of the gnomes in World of Warcraft and still labels the associated faction. The city, a marvel of technology, was destroyed in the battle against the chaotic troggs during the invasion of the Burning Legion. The gnomes now live in exile in Ironforge but are already planning to reconquer Gnomeregan.

Note: In Patch 4.0.1, October 2010, the Gnomeregan Exiles have been renamed to Gnomeregan.

Reaching the reputation level “Exalted“ grants not-Gnome characters the ability to ride technostriders. We can take care of leveling your reputation with the faction Gnomeregan so you will gain access to this and other benefits.

With our WoW Reputation Leveling for the faction Gnomeregan, we offer you a comfortable and simple way to get your reputation to the level of your choice.

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