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The Scryers

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From honored to revered - The Scryers


 Necessary requirements for this product:


- Character at Level 80


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- 24 hours




$ 21,53 buy From honored to revered - The Scryers

The Scryers


The Scryers in World of Warcraft are a faction of blood elves, led by Voren'thal the Seer, who were once part of Prince Kael'thas troops but rejected his views on power. Kael'thas Sunstrider has repeatedly tried to destroy them. So the Scryers are at war with the armies of Kael'thas. The Scryers have allied themselves with the Naaru of Shattrath, to the dismay of The Aldor, who are enemies of The Scryers to date.

The better your reputation with the faction The Scryers, the better equipment you receive. If you reach the highest level “Exalted“, you even get access to epic items.

With our WoW Reputation Leveling for the faction The Scryers, we offer you a comfortable and simple way to get your reputation to the level of your choice.

At MMOGA you can get the following WoW Reputation Leveling products for the faction The Scryers:

- From honored to revered – The Scryers
- From friendly to honored – The Scryers
- From neutral to friendly – The Scryers