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WoW Tier Raid Sets

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Tier 10 Raid-Set (Item Level 264)



Tier 10 Set. This level service includes the complete T10 equipment for your World of Warcraft character.

The character class is irrelevant for us.


Necessary requirements for this product:


- Character at level 80 completely equipped with level 80 blue items


Amount of time needed:


- 100+ days (exact amount still unknown)

$ 646,29 buy Tier 10 Raid-Set (Item Level 264)

WoW Tier Raid Sets


In World of Warcraft, you can collect armory sets for your character in different raid instances. The so-called Tier Raid Sets offer fitting equipment for your class. At the moment, the T10 Tier Raid Set is the best available set.

If you don't have enough time to struggle through raid instances for hours and weeks, turn to us for help. We collect and farm the desired WoW Tier Raid Set for you and equip your character perfectly.

MMOGA offers the best possible Tier Raid Sets that you can get in World of Warcraft at all! No matter of you want the World of Warcraft Tier Raid Set from the Ice Crown Citadel (ICC), Naxxramas or other raid instances – we offer you the service to farm the complete sets!