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Immerse into a massively torn world! The divided world of Aion is dominated by two factions, the angel-like Elyos and the demonic Asmodians. Choose your side in Aion and battle the enemy in the Abyss. From strongholds to artefacts, almost everything in Aion is worth fighting for.

The combat system enables you to use a variety of innovative attacks. Using combos and skill sequences, you can gain the advantage in battle and surprise your opponent. Train your character and become a master in the art of combat.

Likewise, Aion breaks fresh ground in graphics. You can definitely see that this MMORPG is new and innovative. You will hardly find better and more appealing graphics in the MMO sector.

Become a part of the epic worlds of Aion, spread your wings and take on the fight – Save your people from an ancient force of evil that threatens to destroy everything!

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