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3500 Million Aion Kinah
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Aion Kinah


Aion is the long-expected offset of the asian MMORPG. With a completely new style of graphics in comparison to any other MMORPG, Aion offers a perfect RPG feeling. The massive amount of video scenes will capture the players attention immediately, with a great story supporting the game. 

Like any other MMORPG, Aion has its own currency system. With Aion Kinah, you can pay for your purchases or get paid for found objects and items. You should always have enough Aion Kinah to take the right chances in the auction house or in private stores. With Aion Kinah you also pay for the progress of your character, improve your ingame professions and much more. To cut it short, without enough Aion Kinah you won't get far!

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