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ArcheAge is a sandbox MMO created by Korean developers XL Games which has been released in Korea in 2013 and came to Europe and North America in a localized version in September 2014, published by Trion Worlds (known for Rift and Defiance). By using the CryEngine 3, Arche Age boasts some of the best graphics in the MMO genre.

As a sandbox MMO, ArcheAge grants a lot of freedom to players. The completely open world can be explored in first or third person perrspective. Besides genre-typical combat against various enemies, special battles take place at Sea by ship – either against other players or Sea monsters. The detailed crafting system in Arche Age appeals to avid MMO players, same as the housing system where you can even cultivate fields. ArcheAge even contains a political system where players decide in courts.

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