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Defiance PvP Guide

Defiance PvP Guide
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Defiance PvP Guide


Like in most competitive online games, the PvP part where players battle other players is widely considered as the supreme discipline of Defiance. Only the best can stand their ground against a majority of other skilled players, no matter what their abilities or equipment are. You want to belong to the elite and shoot your enemies into the ground, regardless of any consequences? Then get our Defiance PvP Guide with all the important tips and tricks!

Learn everything worth knowing about skill sets that always give you a chance for victory, use the right rotation to wear down opponents, and find a solution in almost every situation that may come up. Our expert tricks will help you become an outstanding PvP player in Defiance.

Discover in the Defiance PvP Guide how to acquire the best equipment, how to perfectly modify your weapons and how to lead your team to success even in group battles. All future updates of the Defiance PvP Guide are already included in your purchase.

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