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  • Immortal Treasure III 2015
    Immortal Treasure III 2015

    Dota 2
    Immortal Priceless Treasure

    The International 2015

    This treasure contains one of the following items:
    Colossal Crystal Chorus
    Atomic Ray Thrusters
    Bonkers the Mad
    Magus Apex
    Focal Resonance
    Sufferwood Sapling
    Piston Impaler

    In addition, this treasure has a chance of containing:
    Righteous Thunderbolt
    Golden Atomic Ray Thrusters
    Almond the Frondillo Golden Upgrade
    No seal or key is needed to open this treasure, as it is already unlocked. Within its confines lie treasures without equal.

    Delivery time: 1-12 hours
    $ 15,37
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