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  • Genuine Smeevil
    Genuine Smeevil

    Dota 2
    Legendary International Courier

    The International 2013

    Green Smeevil
    Red Smeevil (Locked)
    Yellow Smeevil (Locked)
    Purple Smeevil (Locked)
    Red Smeevil and Mammoth (Locked)
    Yellow Smeevil and Bird (Locked)
    Purple Smeevil and Crab (Locked)
    Purple Smeevil and Dyed Crab (Locked)
    Tis said among artisan and warrior alike that there is no finer servant than a trusty smeevil. However, a hero who chooses a smeevil as their courier may soon find these clever critters taking new forms in order to gain assistants of their own. Inspired by the great battles they bear witness to, a smeevil may become emboldened to press ever more exotic beasts to their cause.

    Delivery time: 1-12 hours
    $ 2,50
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