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  • Greedy Greevil
    Greedy Greevil

    Dota 2
    Mythical Courier

    Courier Slots
    Horns: Wicked Greevil Horns
    Teeth: Sharp Greevil Teeth
    Tail: Spiked Greevil Tail
    Hair: Short Greevil Hair
    Nose: Horned Greevil Nose
    Ears: Pointed Greevil Ears
    Wings: Elaborate Greevil Wings
    Eyes: Googly Greevil Eyes
    A strange beast infused with magic. Its color, appearance, and abilities are determined by the types of magical essences it was exposed to while still an egg.

    ( Not Usable in Crafting )

    Delivery time: 5-15 Minutes
    $ 2,48
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