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  • Assistant's Respirator
    Assistant's Respirator

    Dota 2
    Rare Ogre Mask and Saddle

    Used By: Alchemist
    Gift From: GgWp Clockwerk
    Date Received: Jun 22, 2016 (1:18:05)
    Dedication: 龍王

    Alchemy Essentials
    Assistant's Respirator
    Assistant's Cutter
    Assistant's Blades of Scientific Inquiry
    Experimentalist's Laboratory Essentials
    Experimentalist's Goggles
    Experimentalist's Unstable Flask
    Assistant's Muscle Pump
    This mask is not meant to keep toxic gasses out, it's meant to keep them in!

    Delivery time: 5-15 Minutes
    $ 2,37
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