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  • Treasure of the Malignant Amanita
    Treasure of the Malignant Amanita

    Dota 2
    Rare Tool

    This treasure contains one of the following items:
    Stalwart Sentinel
    Hammer of the Skygods
    The Tear of Agony
    The Cursed Crescent
    Taunt: Spider Shuffle
    Taunt: Come and Get It!
    Taunt: Shredding the Lute Invisible
    Taunt: For Death and Honor
    Taunt: Victory Jig

    In addition, this treasure has a chance of containing:
    Eye of Omoz
    Random courier w/ special FX and colors.
    No seal or key is needed to open this treasure, as it is already unlocked. This treasure contains individual items.

    Delivery time: 1-12 hours
    SFr. 3.50
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