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  • Demon Blood Helm
    Demon Blood Helm

    Dota 2
    Uncommon Helm

    Used By: Axe
    Gift From: Co_OFFe_24/7
    Date Received: Nov 24, 2016 (8:10:05)
    Dedication: ? 龍王龍王 龍王? 龍王龍王龍王 龍王 龍王龍王)

    Forged in Demons' Blood
    Demon Blood Helm
    Demon Blood Armor
    Demon Blood Guard
    The Blood Chaser
    A helm bearing the cyclopean visage of the Tarnsmen's demonic war god. It is said the Red Mist destroyed the god and took its symbols for their own.

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    $ 2,30
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