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ELSword is a free-2-play fantasy MMO from Korea, that is unusually made in 2D und side-scrolls like a classic Jump 'n' Run. ELSword servers can be found outside Asia in North America, Germany and France. ELSword may be played for free.

The game world of ELSword was created when a ginat gem called EL crashed on a trist continent named Elios and made it blossom. People settled in the now fertile land, and within centuries, the history of Elios was almost forgotten. The power of the gem brought mechanical beings into existence which served the humans. But one day, a ploy against the guarding priestess caused the gem EL to explode, and the world of the MMO ELSword tumbled into chaos...

In these times of chaos and war, your journey in ELSword begins. To become a true hero, you need the best equipment. Buy ELSword ED at MMOGA, the ingame currency of ELSword, to afford it. From us, you can buy ELSword ED at a favorable price, and it will be delivered as soon as possible.

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