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Eve Online Guide - University

Eve Online Guide - University
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Killer Guides EVE Online Guide

Flying aimlessly with no way-point in mind? Running out of ISK? Getting your ship's stern whooped by pirates again? Fear no more! This EVE Online reference is here to be your wingman and even more! With content for beginners 'til experts regarding all aspects of the game, the guide hyper-jumps you to a whole new level of game play. Featured in the guide:

  • How to acquire a Faction battleship for 1M loyalty points
  • Secrets to obtaining up to 150 ISK when raiding miners and walkthroughs for 70 of the most ISK-rewarding missions
  • Synopses of each race, attribute and skill help you choose the ones that best match your playstyle
  • A table of NPC Pirate Factions with in-depth look into the strengths and weaknesses of each
  • Dominate battles and know of all the important battle stats with combat tips, tricks and formulas

Read up on a full list of profession and make well informed decisions when choosing a profession for one that suits you perfectly. Learn about the specific setups for your character: races, skills, ship types and modifications and make sure to use them to the fullest advantage. This EVE handbook not only provides a full explanation of available missions but maps out where missions are generated as well.

Follow the guidelines laid out in the mission walkthroughs for 70 of the missions that are known to reward the most ISK in EVE. Get your hands on trade secrets for accumulating heaps of ISK as a tradesman or a miner and a complete ore refinement chart to look up specific ore.

Get an in-depth understanding of how battles are fought in EVE Online with the tested-and-proven strategies featured in this guide. With a full combat coverage from detailed information on weapon damage, hit chance, HP, to resistance and scanning, you can now master the combat system in EVE Online overnight!

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