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Eve Online - PvP Fighter Elite School Guide

Eve Online - PvP Fighter Elite School Guide
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Killer Guides EVE Online PvP Guide

Finding yourself on the losing side in skirmishes lately? Or is it your dream-come-true to become the richest pirate in the universe? Regardless of your profession, PvP combat is an inescapable aspect of EVE Online.

The PvP Fighter Elite School turns ordinary civilians into aces. From ship setups to advanced fighting techniques, the guide not only points out but also draws out the full potential of all ships. Featured in this guide:

  • 124 unique PvP setups for all ships, from Frigates to Titans
  • Preset plans for both attack and defense for the best solo and group performance
  • In-depth PvP analyzes of all attributes and ships to discover the full potential of each
  • High-end PvP skill building plans that yield massive amounts of ISK
  • A full section dedicated to effectively building a corporation

Know which armaments and equipment to strap onto your ships for the most formidable spacecraft. This PvP reference provides detailed information about different items that are available as well as provides 124 specific ship-setup configurations. Discover how to effectively mold a top performing PvP character, with the right skills and attributes, starting from scratch.

The correct choice of ship that you operate is crucial towards PvP success. An intricate explanation for each ship class, specifying the strong and weak points of each ship is provided! Read up on all this important ship information and never again waste precious playtime looking all over the Internet for bits of ship information.

Discover the joys of defeating all other ships in combat with the strategies and tips obtained from the pros. The guide helps you to ultimately increase your win percentage while minimizing your losses. All aspects towards successful combat, starting from the attack plan setup are laid out step-by-step.

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