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EVE ISK Information

(There is only one Server in EVE Online - Tranquility)

EVE ISK – The ingame currency for the MMO EVE Online

You cannot seem to advance in EVE because the ship you desire is way too expensive? Purchase EVE ISK, the currency in EVE Online, at MMOGA, and you will finally be able to fulfill your dreams in EVE Online.

The delivery of your EVE ISK takes place ingame. You will be asked for your character name during the checkout process.

Delivery time:
The delivery takes approximately 12-48 hours after the payment is received. However, we can fulfill 90% of our orders even within 1-12 hours after the receipt of your payment.


You can also get Keys/Gamecards and Guides for EVE Online at MMOGA. Just take a look around on our website. We wish you a lot of fun and success in EVE Online!