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ESO Dragonknight Guide

ESO Dragonknight Guide
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ESO Dragonknight Guide

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The Dragonknight is the class in The Elder Scrolls Online that most resembles the classic concept of a tank. As a dragon knight in ESO, you will always be at the front line. No matter if you prefer to act defensively and protect your fellow players from taking damage, or become a relentless machine of war – it is your choice.


With the information available in the ESO Dragonknight Guide, you will be able to become an outstanding player in PvE as well as in PvP. Learn about the best abilities, skill sets and courses of action to get your dragon knight ready for all kinds of challenges and become absolutely essential in player groups. Detailed instructions about skills, quick leveling and tips for the endgame content top off this great guide.


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