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  • Mystery Medium Box | Fortinte Account without mail | Black Knight, Recon Expert or others, XB1/NS

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    You will 80% get one Rare Skin in this list:

    Blue Squire | 10-100 Skins, XB1/NS

    Omega | 1-100 Skins, XB1/NS

    Ginger Gunner | 1-100 Skins, XB1/NS

    Skull Ranger | 1-100 Skins, XB1/NS

    Blue Striker | 1-100 Skins, XB1/NS

    Eon | 1-100 Skins, XB1/NS


    You will 20% get one of the Mystery Rare Skin in this list:

    Black Knight | 1-100 Skins, XB1/NS

    Recon Expert | 1-100 Skins, XB1/NS

    Skull Trooper | 1-100 Skins, XB1/NS


    Note: When you Buy Five SAME Accounts in ONE order, you will 100% get at least one Account with the Mystery Rare Skins!

    $ 9,46
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