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DC Universe Online Guide

DC Universe Online Guide
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You want to get your superhero to the highest level as quickly as possible? Or lead an impressive villain into the fight against the Justice League? If you want to lead battles, destroy your enemies and become one of the most reputable players in DC Universe Online, you should not miss out on this unique handbook!


Packed to the rim with strategies how to win fights effectively, how to spend your skill points and how to complete quests easily while leveling your hero or villain, the DC Universe Online Guide is a must-have for everyone who wants to be more than just an average player.


Reach the level cap in DC Universe Online in no time, create an outstanding hero or villain, stand your ground against enemies in solo or group play and learn detailed information about the three roles, including expert tips for the optimal spending of skill points.

Of course, you will be supplied with all future updates of the DC Universe Online Guide completely for free, so you will always be up to date.