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Final Fantasy XI Gil Guide

Final Fantasy XI Gil Guide
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Killer Guides Final Fantasy XI Gil Guide

Gil makes the world of Vana'diel go round. Whether you just want to amass a fortune or you want to get just enough Gil for that bit of armor you've always wanted since your first day then this is the guide for you. This comprehensive collection of methods cover every possible path open to you from level 1 to level 75 to make money as you go through a huge variety of methods.

Featured in the guide:
- Find out the fastest ways to make piles of Gil!
- Read first hand strategies and tips on making money from a well seasoned player
- Farming strategies are included for every applicable zone as well as important rare     monsters to keep an eye out   for or to specifically go hunting for
- Professions from logging to fishing gets a close look into, as well as every craft available to  you with high-end   author tips thrown in
- Additional methods from participating in BCNMs, ENMs, questing, and miscellaneous activities like mercenary work   or gambling are all listed in detail
- Methods for making Gil using content from the latest expansions packs is also covered

This guide will function as a necessary companion to anyone wanting to make enough Gil to afford the rarest, most expensive equipment or spells on offer through every method possible - especially as the in game economy continues to decrease and everyone starts tightening their belts. It isn't easy to be rich in FFXI these days, but this guide will put you well on your way! Get a copy of the guide and start reading up on all the advanced class-specific Gil making tactics to shower your hunter with everything money can buy.

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