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Final Fantasy XI Ninja Guide

Final Fantasy XI Ninja Guide
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Final Fantasy XI Ninja Guide

Do you want to be one of the best Ninja in all of Vana'diel? Then you have come to the right place! Ninja is a very challenging job whether you want to be a pure damage dealing sort or the kind that relies on evasion to tank for a party and a lot more. With this guide you will not only learn the necessary information required to get the most out of this job but also in depth party options as well as a whole lot more.

Featured in the guide:
- Cutting-edge know-how to mold the perfect Ninja!
- Race information and how this choice effects the job
- Partying and evasion/damage tanking strategies for level 1 to 75
- An in-depth equipment and food guide
- A full walkthrough for obtaining AF and AF2
- Advise and information on every possible sub-job combination
- A fully detailed trait/ability/spell listing
- Defeating Maat; raising your level cap to level 75!
- Ballista information: be the best in PVP
- Merit Point advise for level 75 players
- Read first hand strategies and tips from a highly successful Ninja player
- Specially tailored Gil making methods for Ninjas

Keep yourself well informed from your first day as a Ninja for a sure path to a most desirable character. Read up on Gil making strategies to keep your gold keep at an all time high, leveling tactics to go from 1 to 75 in only a few days and much more.

With first hand information to everything Ninja related, you can charge into fights with confidence, know exactly what and when to equip your Ninja with for the best performance, take advantage of step-by-step strategies to AF and AF2 and heaps more! Start making the most out of your job; get this guide today!

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