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Final Fantasy XIV Guide

Final Fantasy XIV Guide
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You would love to know how to reach the level cap in Final Fantasy 14 as quickly as possible? You are unnerved by the excessive amount of time some quests seem to take? Treat yourself to the Final Fantasy XIV Guide and you will never have problems with quests again, and rush through the levels towards the end content in lightning speed!


The Final Fantasy 14 Guide offers you the most important strategies that every serious player should know about, developed by experienced pro players. You will get a detailed manual how to level, solve quests and advance your guild in the fastest possible way, no matter which race or class you play in Final Fantasy XIV.


An extensive description of the guild level system and how you can benefit from it, breakdowns on skills, talent builds and combinations to make the best of your character, explanations about armor and weapons, an overview of all zones including mobs and rewards – all that can be found in the Final Fantasy XIV Guide.


Get your Final Fantasy XIV character to the climax of his potential and become a respected and renowned player. Make sure to get your Final Fantasy 14 Guide now and you will also get all future updates by email for free.