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Armorsmith Information

Armorsmiths in Guild Wars 2 produce heavy armor to be used by soldiers (warriors and guardians) which makes these more steadfast than other classes, and also runes and metal boxes.


The ingame profession as an Armorsmith in Guild Wars 2 causes your interest, including creating heavy armor that makes warriors and guardians even more resistant - but the long road from amateur to master armorsmith is too weary for you?


Here at MMOGA, you can use our Guild Wars 2 Profession Service to have our expert players level up your profession to the maximum level or another level of your choice. Become an excellent Armorsmith - buy Guild Wars 2 Powerleveling now!


The following leveling services are available at MMOGA for the profession Armorsmith:


Armorsmith Novice-Master 0-400 [Required Gold not included]

Armorsmith Novice-Master 0-400

Armorsmith Novice 0-75

Armorsmith Initiate 75-150

Armorsmith Apprentice 150-225

Armorsmith Journeyman 225-300

Armorsmith Adept 300-375

Armorsmith Master 375-400