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Weaponsmith Information

Weaponsmiths in Guild Wars 2 produce a wide-ranged choice of melee weapons: axes, daggers, greatswords, hammers, maces, shields, spears, swords, sigils and even sharpening stones.


The ingame profession as a Weaponsmith in Guild Wars 2 causes your interest, including creating a wide range of melee weapons, from daggers to swords and even spears - but the long road from simple knifemaker to master weaponsmith is too weary for you?


Here at MMOGA, you can use our Guild Wars 2 Profession Service to have our expert players level up your profession to the maximum level or another level of your choice. Become an excellent Weaponsmith- buy Guild Wars 2 Powerleveling now!


The following leveling services are available at MMOGA for the profession Weaponsmith:


Weaponsmith Novice-Master 0-400 [Required Gold not included]

Weaponsmith Novice-Master 0-400

Weaponsmith Novice 0-75

Weaponsmith Initiate 75-150

Weaponsmith Apprentice 150-225

Weaponsmith Journeyman 225-300

Weaponsmith Adept 300-375

Weaponsmith Master 375-400