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  • Mercenary Crate
    Mercenary Crate

    H1Z1: King of the Kill

    This contains skins for various types of items you find in the world. These skins are not consumed, will not be lost on death, and cannot be sold on the Steam Marketplace. This contains one of the following:

    Beige Eyepatch
    Camo Boonie Hat
    Camo Tanktop
    Copper Eyepatch
    Khaki Boonie Hat
    Snakeskin Boonie Hat
    Snakeskin Eyepatch
    Red Shemagh
    Tan Ghillie Suit Accessory Kit
    Woodland Ghillie Suit Accessory Kit

    Anchor Boonie Hat
    Brown Digital Camo Shemagh
    Camo Shemagh
    Camo Eyepatch
    Floral Boonie Hat
    Green Digital Camo Shemagh
    Khaki Body Armor
    Mercenary Tanktop
    Red Tessellated Shemagh
    Red Star Eyepatch

    Camo Body Armor
    Crosshair Eyepatch
    Pink Skull Body Armor
    Woodland Ghillie Suit

    Combat Shotgun
    Mercenary AR-15
    Patriotic AR-15

    Delivery time: 1-24 hours
    $ 3,80
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