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Lord of the Rings Online Champion Guide

Lord of the Rings Online Champion Guide
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Lord of the Rings Online Champion Guide

Is your Champion lagging behind your friends in LotRO?  Tired of endless play time with little leveling to show for it?  Maybe it's your equipment, your gear, or just the strategy you're using to defeat foes.  If you're looking for answers and want to know how you can make your Champion the biggest, baddest fervor-buster in the game, then you need this guide.

The Lord of the Rings Online Champion Guide is comprehensive, informative, and will give you new insights into your Champion's skills, traits, equipment, and more.  It includes everything you need to know to make your Champion a powerhouse hero in LotRO!


Highlights of this guide include:
- Leveling strategies and class quest information to quickly push your Champion through to level 60 in no time
- A complete list of Champ skills and how to use them to your full advantage
- Deed lists so you can build your traits the right way, quickly, and maximize your Champ's virtues
- Equipment lists for crafted and quest-reward gear, by level, so you'll know what will best suit your Champion at each level
- Walk-throughs for raids, PvP, high-level instances and strategies for winning in these encounters
- Gold farming and money-making profit opportunities your Champion can use to always stay in the black


From Champion character creation to the final “end game” instances in Lord of the Rings Online, the Champion Guide will walk you through everything you need to know to succeed.  The pros and cons of racial choice, play style, and more will guide you through the best way to build your new hero.

Already have a Champion and want to make your toon stronger, faster, and harder?  The leveling guide in this Champion's Guide book will move you forward.  Traits, skills, and abilities are thoroughly examined so you can find out what you're missing.  Full trait build information is there to show you the best sets for your Champ's play style.

Looking to maximize your Champion's equipment and gold making speed?  It's all here: the Champion's Guide shows you how to make more gold than you'll know what to do with and keep your Champ in top-notch gear for every level. 

If you're into raiding and end-game content, then this guide is for you.  Find information, walkthroughs, and more for instances, raids, and PvP play. 

Free Updates: Your purchase today includes free updates to the guide as they are published.  We'll notify you when a new version of the guide is available or when changes have been made and you'll be able to log in and download the latest.  Your Champion will always be in the know!


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