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Lord of the Rings Online Guide

Lord of the Rings Online Guide
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Lord of the Rings Online Guide

Is leveling taking forever?  Are you building a new character and not sure what to do or which vocation to pick?  Want to maximize your stats, but aren't sure where to start?  Been grinding out all the wrong quests and getting nowhere?  The Lord of the Rings Online Guide is your answer!  This guide has everything you need to know to take your game play to the next level and go from the average player to a master.


Included in the LotRO Guide:
- Find out how to get through all the best quest locations and which quests are most important to your advancement
- Level-specific reminders so you won't miss another trait slot update or class quest again
- Get a full listing of all the virtue traits and a quick reference to the deeds that give them
- Gather ore and wood at all tiers by knowing where they are to be found and the best place to get them quickly
- Get walk-throughs of each of the reputation factions and learn which ones will benefit you most
- Find the online references you need for up-to-the-minute information for quest walk-throughs, discussions, and game changes
- Learn the best gold-making strategies and never go broke again!


Instead of grinding your levels, laboriously slogging through the process, why not get through quickly and more easily?  The Lord of the Rings Online Guide shows you how to do that—with any class.  Learn the most optimized leveling paths and quest chains and how to get through them most efficiently.

Get a full drill-down of LotRO mechanics like racial attributes, destiny points, traits and more.  Find out the more advanced information you'll need for high-level play and an experienced look at all aspects of the Lord of the Rings Online.

Find the rare items that can make you rich, the weapons, armor and gear you'll need to maximize your character class as well as the exact location to find them.  Get the best information for character stats and development in LotRO with this guide.

Learn the best strategies for solo play, group play, and end-game instances suitable to help any class turn into a pro in no time.  Maximize your skills and strategy to become the best player in Middle Earth! 

At the same time, this guide will show you the best quest and deed locations for your level, what you should do to make game play not only more fun, but progress at a brilliantly faster pace.

Free updates:  Your purchase today includes free updates to this guide in its price.  So when new information is available, you'll have it immediately.  We will notify you when a new update to the guide has been made and you'll have access to it right away—free!


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