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Lord of the Rings Online Lore-master Guide

Lord of the Rings Online Lore-master Guide
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Lord of the Rings Online Lore-master Guide

Tired of watching your friends advance to level 60 while you're struggling behind with your weak Lore-master?  Tired of losing in PvP and getting taken down by mobs?  Take your Lore-master to the max with the Lore-master Guide!  Make your LM the most powerful in Middle Earth and make your Champion and Captain friends wish they'd chosen a Lore-master instead.

Master the lore, making your pet the best in the game, and use the right skills at the right time to maximize your potency in-game.  Learn the solo strategies and play styles you need to know to level-up extraordinarily fast.  Become the hero of your fellowship with your group protection powers.  This guide will make you proficient in everything you need to know as a Lore-master.


Things to look out for in the guide:
- A leveling guide that goes step-by-step through the levels and zones so you'll get from level 1 to  60 in no more than a few days
- Tactics to maximize your Lore-master's performance in battle and gold-making aptitude at every level
- Detailed analysis of the skills and abilities that make the Lore-master great and how to use them to their fullest
- A full list of the best gear you can have at any given level as a LM so you never again have to  waste gold getting sets that aren't worth it
- Class quest walk-throughs to double your level gains
- Gold-making tips and tricks so your Lore-master will never go broke again


This Lore-master Guide will take you through levels, step-by-step and zone by zone, so you can get to level 60 absurdly quick. While doing so, you'll also get the right skills and traits to maximize your LM's play style and abilities.  Accelerate to the level cap and get to the end-game content quickly.

Once you're there, learn the best strategies, strongest builds, and most epic equipment you can have so that you can be the shining star in your fellowship and raid's endeavors.  Learn how to get through instances and raids and come out ahead at the end.  Get the latest and most crucial strategies every LM must know to succeed.

Just starting?  Start from scratch, creating the ultimate Lore-master from start to finish and then learn the fastest and lest grinding way to get to level 60.  Learn the right skills, the best traits, and the strongest builds to make your Lore-master the top in the game.  Find and equip your character with the best cloaks, armor sets, and more.

Then get through the class quests with ease and master every instance and raid like a pro.  All while utilizing the most efficient gold-making techniques so you'll never have to save up to get that latest set of armor, the best tools, or the fastest mount. 

Free updates:  Not only do you get this great guide right away, but you'll get notified of all future updates too!  You'll be able to download those updates for free, as soon as they're available.  So you'll always have the latest and greatest information on keeping your Lore-master on top!


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