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Lord of the Rings Online Warden Guide

Lord of the Rings Online Warden Guide
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Lord of the Rings Online Warden Guide

Eager to get you Warden into the end-game quick?  Want to know how the pros get from 1to 60 superbly fast?  Having trouble keeping your gold bank filled up while finding the best gear?  Find out how to do all of this and more with the Lord of the Rings Online Warden Guide.

Get full information on the Gambit system and how to utilize it to the fullest to maximize your Warden's battle technique.  Get a complete 1-60 quest guide for your Warden, zone-by-zone, so you can get to the end-game quickly.  Learn what quests and chains are best for your Warden's development and how to find great gear to outfit with. 


In the LotRO Warden Guide, you'll find:
- Warden specific leveling strategies from start-to-finish including the best zones and quests to level-up fast
- All the Gambits: Spear, Fist, and Shield and what you need to know about them
- A full explanation into class quests and the epic quest line so that you can get through them quickly
- Gold making strategies to keep you flush with coins as you progress – no more window shopping at the Auction House for your Warden's best gear
- Insider battle strategies and game play for solo, group, and raids


Learn the ins and outs of the Gambit system, how to build your Warden for solo and group play and where to find the best gear. Read up on the fastest leveling path to surpass other Wardens.  The Lord of the Rings Online Warden Guide has all this and more!

Get insider tips on end-game content like raids, PvP, and everything you need to know to take your Warden to the top! Learn the best skills, traits, and achievements and how to utilize them to maximize your Warden during play.  Find out, level-by-level, the best battle strategies and gold making techniques. 

Become the most valuable player in a group as you master the Warden's skills in combat and become the ace in the hole for any instance or raid. Learn how to utilize your Warden's skills in solo, group, and raid combat as a tank, off-tank, or damage-dealer. 

Most importantly, master the Warden's greatest strength: solo play.  Learn all that you'll need to know to make your Warden level quickly, master skills, and become the shining star on your gaming server.

Free updates: Your purchase of this Warden Guide includes free updates as they are released.  Get the latest information, as soon as it's released, and keep your Warden on top!  We'll notify you whenever new updates to the book become available and you can download them immediately.


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