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Mario Sports Superstars - 3DS

Mario Sports Superstars - 3DS
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Mario Sports Superstars - 3DS


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You will get your download code for the Nintendo 3DS game "Mario Sports Superstars" by eMail within a few minutes. Using this code, you can download the game in the Nintendo eShop.


To do so, choose the Nintendo eShop in the Home menu of your 3DS, click on "menu", "Settings and more", then "Redeem download code". Here you can enter your code, then click on "Okay", and the download begins.


Five full-on sports (Soccer, Tennis, Golf, Baseball, Horse Racing) bring the challenge and depth you demand to Nintendo 3DS!


This is the EU Version of the game, not the US version.







Product description

Five full-on sports - Soccer, Tennis, Golf, Baseball, and Horse Racing - bring the challenge and depth you demand to Nintendo 3DS systems. Take on friends and rivals in local or online multiplayer, hone skills in training, or tackle single-player tournaments. Whether you pick Mario, Waluigi, or one of sixteen others, you're on the road to superstardom!

Before long, you'll have mastered the ins and outs of each sport: learn when to use an infield shift in Baseball, change your team's formation in Soccer, and more. Even Horse Racing is surprisingly deep! Build a stable of horses and train them well to win the day in the first-ever horse races in series history. But remember: these aren't normal sports-they're Mario Sports. Expect unexpected thrills and power up to stomp the competition. Includes 1 card from the Mario Sports Superstars amiibo card series.


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