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Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon - 3DS

Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon - 3DS
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Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon -3DS


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You will get your download code for the Nintendo 3DS game "Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon" by eMail within a few minutes. Using this code, you can download the game in the Nintendo eShop.


To do so, choose the Nintendo eShop in the Home menu of your 3DS, click on "menu", "Settings and more", then "Redeem download code". Here you can enter your code, then click on "Okay", and the download begins.


In Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon, the player will be transformed into one of 20 Pokemon as they set out on an adventure.


This is the EU Version of the game, not the US version.



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Product description

In the Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon game, the player will be transformed into one of 20 Pokemon as they set out on an adventure in a world inhabited solely by the 720 discovered Pokemon. This game boasts hours of replay-ability as each dungeon is randomly generated, so you'll never explore the same dungeon twice as you unravel this tale of adventure and mystery.





  • Befriend Pokemon and explore ever-changing mystery dungeons with them
  • Players are suddenly transformed into a Pokemon and sent out to a world inhabited only by Pokemon
  • From a group of 20 Pokemon, including the starters from core RPG Pokemon games plus Pikachu and Riolu, you can choose your Pokemon and your partner Pokemon
  • Interact with all 720 known Pokemon as you attempt to save the world


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