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Nintendo eShop Card - 50 USD

Nintendo eShop Card - 50 USD
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Nintendo eShop Card - 50 USD


Buy Nintendo eShop Card 50 USD now!



You will receive your Nintendo eShop Card Code with a value of 50 USD by eMail as soon as possible. 


To redeem and utilize this Nintendo eShop Card, you will need an American (US) user account.



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Product description


With the Nintendo eShop Card Codes that you can get at MMOGA, you can charge the credit of your Nintendo eShop account quickly and easily. Use the Nintendo eShop to purchase lots of contents for several Nintendo devices, such as the handheld Nintendo 3DS or the new console Nintendo WiiU.

To redeem your Nintendo eShop Card, choose "Add credit" in the Nintendo eShop. There you can enter your code and the respective balance will be added to your credit.


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