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  • Hrimnor's Hymn
    Hrimnor's Hymn
    Two Handed Mace
    Physical Damage: (60 to 75)-(91 to 114)
    Critical Strike Chance: 5%
    Attacks per Second: 1.25
    Requires Level 17, 62 Str40% increased Stun Duration on enemies(140 to 200)% increased Physical Damage
    +10 to Strength
    5% of Physical Attack Damage Leeched back as Life
    15% reduced Enemy Stun Threshold
    (40 to 50)% increased Stun Duration on enemies
    'The crack of bone, the spray of blood.
    Is there sweeter music?'
    - Hrimnor of the Ezomytes.
    Hrimnor's Hymn.png
    Delivery time: 5-120 minutes
    $ 2,33
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