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  • Red maps Viable Gear - COC Ice Nova Elementalist

    COC Ice Nova Elementalist
    What do you receive?   
    - You will receive all the gears and gems to be able to play this build.   

    Why you should choose this build?   
    + Fast clear   
    + Can do any map mods well   
    + all bosses viable   
    +Life: Over 4k at level 90   
    +All elemental res above 75%   
    +Stats enough for wearing items and gems   

    Build information:
    Weapon 1    Cospri's Malice Jewelled Foil
    Off-hand    Light of Lunaris Jingling Spirit Shield
    Body Armour    Carcass Jack Varnished Coat
    Helmet    rare helmet with life, res
    Boots    rare boots with life,res, movement speed, dex
    Gloves    rare gloves with life, res, damage during flask effect, craf area of effect
    Amulet    The Pandemonius Jade Amulet
    Ring 1    Circle of Fear Synthesised Sapphire Ring
    Ring 2    Circle of Fear Synthesised Sapphire Ring
    Belt    rare belt with life, res, cooldown recovery rate
    Flask    Blood of the karui
                  Cinderswallow Urn
                  Diamond Flask of Staunching
                  Enduring Mana flask of Warding
                  QuickSliver flask of adrenaline
    Jewel    Unique jewel: Militant Faith(Dominus), Transcendent Flesh,Frozen Trail
                   Rare Jewel with Critical Strike Multiplier(global, elemental skills, cold skills), cold damage

    Frostbolt-Frost Bomb-Power Charge On Critical   
    Cast When Damage Taken- Immortal Call-Frostbite   
    Cyclone-Cast On Critical Strike-Hypothermia-Increased Critical Strikes-Ice Nova-Inspiration   
    Summon Stone Golem-Summon Flame Golem-Summon Chaos Golem-Summon Ice Golem   
    Herald of Ice-Second Wind- Arcane Surge-Flame Dash   

    Delivery time: 12-72 hours
    $ 161,63
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