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  • Sirus-8 Killer Build Gear - Flame Wall Elementalist

    Flame Wall Elementalist   
    What do you receive?   
    - You will receive all the gears and gems to be able to play this build.   

    Why you should choose this build?   
    - all content viable   
    + Fast clear   
    + Can do any map mods well   
    + Destroy all bosses   
    +Life: Over 5k5 at level 90   
    +All elemental res above 75%   
    + chaos res +0%   
    +Stats enough for wearing items and gems   
    The video link build showcase Sirus-8 Killer:   
    Build information:
    Weapon 1    rare weapon with damage over time multiplier, added fire damage to spell, +1 fire spell skill gem, craf trigger socketed
    Off-hand     rare shield with life, + 1 fire spell skill gem,res, spell damage
    Body Armour    rare armour with life, res(or tabula +2 socketed gem(duration, AOE, ))
    Helmet    Eye of Malice
    Boots    rare boots with life, res(Chaos res), movement speed
    Gloves    rare gloves with fire damage over time multiplier, life, craf + projectile pierce target
    Amulet    rare amulet with +1 fire spell skill gem, +1 intell skill gems, res, Att(dex)
    Ring 1    malachai's artifice
    Ring 2    rare ring with life, fire damage, res(chaos res), craf - non channelling mana cost
    Belt            rare belt with life, res
    Flask    life flask of staunching
                  basalt flask of warding
                  rumi's concoction
                  Cinderswallow Urn
                 QuickSilver Flask of Adrenaline
    Jewel    large cluster jewel(8 passives, fire damage )with burning bright
                   medium cluster jewel(4 passives, fire damage over time) with burning bright, cooked Alive
                  Unique Jewel: Fluid Motion, Transcendent Mind
                  rare jewel: fire damage over time multiplier, life, dex
    Wave of conviction- Flammability-Summon Holy Relic   
    Vaal Righteous Fire Flame Dash-Arcance Surge   
    Flame Wall-Elemental Focus-SpellSlinger-Controlled Destruction-Efficacy-Burning Damage   
    Precision-Herald of Ash-Enlighten   
    Summon Ice Golem-Culling Strike-Summon Flame Golem-Summon Stone Golem   
    Kinetic Blast-Combustion-Greater Multiplier Projectiles-Pierce   
    Summon Lightning Golem

    Delivery time: 12-72 hours
    $ 143,08
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