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  • Sirus-8 Killer Gear - Burning Arrow Elementalist

    Sirius-8 Killer Gearing for Hierophant
    What do you receive?
    - You will receive all the gears and gems to be able to play this build. The character itself is not included! Your character should be at least level 80+4labs for the build to be effective.

    Why you should choose this build?
    - Choose the Elementalist ascendancy for Golem buff and ignite which is core of this build.
    - All content Viable
    + High damage on single target
    + Fast clear
    + Can do any map mods good
    + Destroy All boss
    +Life: Over 5k at level 90
    +All elemental res above 75%
    +Stats enough for wearing items and gems
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    Build information:
    Weapon 1 Xoph's Nurture Citadel Bow
    Off-hand quiver with damage over time multiplier, fire damage over time multiplier, life, elemental damage with attacks
    Body Armour Hyrri's Ire Zodiac Leather
    Helmet rare helmet with life, res
    Boots rare boots with life, res, MS
    Gloves rare gloves with fire damage over time multiplier, attack speed, life, craf projectile pierce 1 target
    Amulet rare amulet with life, malevolence reduced mana reservation, elemental damge with attack
    Ring 1 Malachai's Artifice Unset Ring
    Ring 2 Berek's Respite Two-Stone Ring
    Belt Dyadian Dawn Heavy Belt
    life flask of stauching
    taste of hate
    atziri's Promise
    enduring mana flask of warding
    quicksilver flask of adrenaline
    large cluster jewel(8 passives, fire damage)with disorienting display, burning bright, smoking remains, prismatic heart, widespread destruction
    medium cluster jewel(4 passives. fire damage over time) with burning bright, blowback, smoking remains,
    unique jewel: careful planning, mantra of flames, thread of hope(medium ring),anima stone
    abyss jewel with life, fire damage with attack, gain onslaught, phasing
    rare jewel with life, fire damage, res
    Gem (20/20)
    Vaal burning arrow-deadly ailments- greater multiple projectiles-unbound ailments-burning damage-elemental damage with attack
    Blood Rage-Summon Ice Golem-Precision-Void Sphere-Summon Chaos Golem-Summon Stone Golem
    Wrath-Flesh and Stone-Malevolence-Enlighten
    wave of conviction-hextouch-flammability-Combustion
    Dash-Second Wind-Steelskin-Summon Flame Golem
    Summon Lightning Golem

    Delivery time: 12-72 hours
    $ 125,65
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