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  • Pokémon GO Account -- Level 32 -- 500+ Blissey Candies

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    Pokémon GO Account -- Level 32 -- 500+ Blissey Candies 

    Account Level : 32
    Account Quality : normal +  500+ Heiteira Bonbons
    Account : PTC
    Pokemon amount: 10++
    Team : free selectable
    Trainer Name : free selectable
    Stardust : 600,000+
    Unique Pokedex : 100+

    No Warning
    No Shadowban
    No Captchas
    May have red slashes


    Before you catch any new pokemon, you need to evolve Chansey to Blissey to avoid red slashes.
    To get more candies, you can transfer low CP Chanseys. After catching a new Pokemon, you won´t
    get candies for red slashed Pokemons.


    $ 17,11
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Pokémon GO Account Information

Pokemon GO is a Free2play augmented reality game for handheld mobile devices, in which the players catch Pokemon, train them and can compete in gyms. Collect all 151 Pokemon, of the 15 different types like fire, water, electric or plant and develop them with the help of candies. In Pokemon GO you can join Team Valor, Mystic or Instinct as soon as you reached level 5, to occupy gyms and defend them against the other teams.


PokeStops that you visit in the real world also play a major role in Pokemon GO. At these you can obtain Pokéballs, potions, smoke, eggs which you can hatch and other important items that you need to reach your goal and become the best Pokemon trainer. At higher levels you will discover new and stronger Pokemon.


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