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Rift Cleric Guide

Rift Cleric Guide
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You feel like your friends get along much faster while leveling in Rift? You cannot sleep at night, racking your brain how to keep up or even catch up? If you are close to giving up, you have come to the right place. The Rift Cleric Guide provides you with all necessary information on your way to gain better control of your Cleric than everyone else and race through the levels towards the level cap like no other - and by the way, get rich!


The Rift Cleric Guide will help you develop your Cleric to a respected and very welcome member for each group. Your friends and fellow players will always call out for you whenever they are looking for a reliable and skilled priest to conquer the truly huge challenges in Rift!


Discover established leveling strategies to get your Cleric to the highest level 50 in no time, learn how to effectively defeat your opponents in PvP, gain insight on optimal skill sets and soul combinations and acquire many more detailed useful information and tips like finding the best equipment for each level.


Furthermore, you will receive all future updates of the Rift Cleric Guide completely for free! Whenever a new version is available, you will be informed immediately about the possibility to download the Update directly.


Become one of the best healers to ever have set a foot into the world of Rift - with the Rift Cleric Guide!



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