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Rift Mage Guide

Rift Mage Guide
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You strive to become the most powerful, dominant mage in all of Telara, the world of Rift? Learn to take the most important shortcuts to get your mage to the highest level in no time, and make a fortune in Gold als Silver on the way - the Rift Mage Guide will show you how to achieve that.


Packed to the rim with advanced strategies and high-class content exclusively for the Mage class, you will no longer have to waste time with a Trial and Error approach while trying to figure out how to reach your goals as fast as possible, acquire epic equipment and which spells to rely on. From the smallest detail for beginners to mastering the mage in high level content - the Rift Mages Guide will lend you a helping hand and offer advice in every possible situation.


Reach Level 50 in a rush, make loads of Gold, discover the best abilities, skill sets and soul combinations, acquire the best rare and epic weapons and equipment for every level, and prevail over your opponents in PvP - all this information can be found in the Rift Mage Guide.


Furthermore, you will receive all future updates of the Rift Mage Guide completely for free! Whenever a new version is available, you will be informed immediately about the possibility to download the Update directly.


Do no longer stumble through the world of Rift - make sure to obtain priceless advanced knowledge with the Rift Mage Guide!


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